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Are you ready to unleash your artistic genius without the hassle of managing your online presence? Luckily, you don’t have to let complex online sales steal your inspiration! Kicky is here to ensure that the business side of your art doesn't get in the way of your creative process. We provide a platform that takes care of all the nitty-gritty of selling art online, so you can focus on your craft. Join our waitlist to get early access to the platform when we launch in February!

With Kicky, uploading and managing your portfolio is streamlined and straightforward. It’s like having the MoMA at your fingertips. You can easily adjust prices, manage listings, and track sales, all within a user-friendly interface. 

Expand Your Reach in the Art Marketplace

Your art deserves an easy path to consumers, and Kicky’s intuitive platform simplifies the process of selling art online! 

From setting up your digital gallery to connecting with potential buyers, we’ve mastered the art market maze so you can easily showcase your talent. We give you all the tools you need to put yourself on the map of the art world! 

Third-party gallerists and agents are no longer the only paths to market your art. Platforms like Kicky give power back to artists like you. Kicky helps you sell directly to patrons to increase profits, gain greater creative freedom, and establish a deeper connection with your audience.

We cover everything from creating captivating product listings to shipping your art, and our community of artists and experts is always available to offer support!

A Growing Community of Artists

At the heart of Kicky lies a growing community of artists, each bringing a unique voice and vision to the platform. This community makes Kicky more than a marketplace. It’s a vibrant hub of creativity and collaboration. When you join Kicky, you join a melting pot of artistic brilliance where passion and creativity collide!

With a subscription to Kicky’s All-in-One Business Suite, you also gain access to our experienced Artist Advisors who understand both art and the secrets of selling your art. Your medium might be watercolors, sculpting, or photography, but theirs is business. 

These experts can guide you through selling your work, expanding your online presence, and engaging with patrons. They also understand that everyone has a different artistic process, so they offer support that aligns with your vision, goals, and artistic voice.

Kicky’s Advanced Features for Artists

Kicky is a comprehensive platform that caters to the modern artist’s needs, offering a suite of features designed for efficiency and simplicity in managing an online art business. Some of those advanced features include:

Customized Artist Websites

Kicky allows artists to create their own fully customizable websites to display their art online. Once you pick your domain name, your website is a blank canvas for you to create a site that matches your brand. More than just a gallery, your site will be a direct line to your audience for selling art online. 

Direct Email Marketing Tools

Our platform seamlessly connects you with your audience through email. Are you ready to watch your art take center stage and captivate the minds, hearts (and wallets) of patrons? With Kicky, you can effortlessly manage your subscriber lists and use automated drip campaigns to engage with new subscribers!

Centralized Social Media Management

Efficiently manage your social media presence across various platforms. Kicky’s integrated tool lets you schedule and post content to channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the click of a button, saving time and maintaining a cohesive online presence.

Comprehensive CRM and Inventory Management

Kicky’s integrated CRM enables you to build customer relationships and manage artwork inventory with ease so you’re always ready for your next sale. With our CRM, you can track customer behaviors from initial interest to the cha-ching of purchase, which is music to every artist’s ears! 

Intuitive Financial Management

Our financial tools are tailored to meet the artist’s needs. You can easily track the pricing of each piece, set prices based on desired profits, and view comprehensive sales histories all in one spot. 

Seamless Integration Across All Features

Kicky proudly integrates all of our features into one platform. Whether adding new art to your inventory or updating your artist profile, our system instantly syncs changes across your platform. 

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Reach wider audiences, connect with fellow artists and art lovers, and grow as an artist and an entrepreneur. Create a profile to kickstart your career with Kicky today!

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