Untitled 2 by Teresa Abbound

Local original art in your space

Rent and buy local art with Kicky. Support local artists
with real royalties with every transaction

Untitled 2 by Teresa Abboud

Rotating gallery in your space
Impress your guests with an always fresh choice of undiscovered artwork - and buy any piece you’d like to keep forever!
Curate your gallery –
or let us surprise you!
Choose what kind of art you’d like and reserve specific pieces. Or ask our curators to pick the perfect set of artworks for your space - whether it’s your home office, a sunny lobby or a classy restaurant floor.

Norway I by Makaila Borgerson

Hummingbird by Katie Max

Kanyakumari by Sarah Dresser

Rolling by Emily Robertson

Follow and discover great local art
Browse all art available on Kicky. Follow your favouites, reserve and buy pieces you love. Be notified when your favourites release a new piece, so you can have it in your home.
Secure and fair to artists
Artists on Kicky get royalties every time their artwork is rented on Kicky and sold on the secondary market. Our team validates every piece and creates an NFT for it, to track each piece and pay artists royalties years after they’ve sold it.
How it works
Choose your Gallery
Decide how many artworks you want to
curate and personalise your gallery.
Get your art
We take care of all logistics and even mount the art professionally. Fully stress-free.
Swap & Repeat
When you're ready let us know that you’re returning (or buying!), then pick a new

“It’s like having an art gallery in your home”

Rent and buy local art with Kicky. Support local artists
with real royalties with every transaction

Kicky for Artists
Get paid fairly for every use of your art. See how Kicky can
help you build a sustainable art career.

Great art in any space

Kicky was started by Lucas Keller & Brenton Strine, who believe that every space deserves access to art and every artist deserves to be fairly paid.

Our mission is to connect the art world with the latest technologies that will unlock both access to great art and fair compensation.