Kicky for Patrons

All artists deserve compensation
when their work is being enjoyed

Fine artists in Atlanta can now join Kicky and receive
royalties whenever their art is rented or sold.

The system is failing fine artists

paid to musicians in royalties by Spotify in 2021
paid to fine artists in royalties

“Kicky exists to reward all artists
fairly for their work”

Luke Keller & Brenton Strine
Co-founders at Kicky

Earn royalties for your work,
just like other artists.

When your art sells or rents through Kicky, you will earn a portion of all profits and rental activity. For the first time you can start enjoying passive income from just doing what you do best.

Track your pieces and engage your audience

Kicky’s unique blockchain technology gives each verified authentic artwork a unique smart contract. You can track what happens to your art and engage with your audience years after you part with it.

Focus on your art & community,
let Kicky do the rest.

Kicky is the one place to track all activity on your art – new fans, sales and requests. It’s a way to earn money, engage with your biggest fans and get new ones.

Kicky has a waitlist of patrons eager to rent and buy. Join & earn money from your art today.

Join Katie Max, Margaret Reynolds and other local artists already on Kicky
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