First art install at Douceur de France

We're excited to announce that we have started to open up our patron waitlist, and our first patron, Douceur de France, asked to host 19 different works of art from Kicky in their two restaurants.

Three pieces by Sarah Dresser

This was part of an overall refresh of the style of Douceur de France--they took down old prints of stock food photos and now proudly display these original works of art painted by Atlanta artists. Each work of art has a placard mounted next to it with information about the artist and a QR code to connect further to that artist.

SINCI Flight, 2020 by Blaine Keller

These 19 paintings actually are still owned by the artists, and Kicky is paying these artists monthly to have their art hosted, almost $600 per month going directly into the pockets of artists!  On top of that, the artists get free exposure in the restaurant and may even find someone interested in making a purchase. A win for Douceur de France, their customers, and for artists!

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